Business Objectives

IT services

Business Productivity

One of our main goals is to help business increase productivity. Many times during an IT productivity audit we find business fail to use cost effective solutions to speed up their network, computers, and improve employee productivity. We run across businesses that have purchased very low end computers because they are less expensive. What is not always realized is that the low end computer is much more expensive when you factor in the loss of employee productivity. Having employees sit at the computer day after day waiting for the computer to process information is very inefficient. A mid-range computer with faster processing power may seem more expensive but paying an hourly employee to sit and wait is much more costly.

Business Continuity

Our primary focus is to keep business up and running. We do this by providing managed services to businesses. At Business Computer Associates LLC we only recommend and use solutions that have been tried and tested. When a new company comes out with product that claims to be the best solution we do not take their word for it. Our reputation as a trusted IT support provider is much too valuable to recommend or implement untested solutions. With our managed service support we monitor for potential issues and take care of them before they become an issue.

Proactive Support

We strongly believe in proactive support to find potential issues and resolve them before it costs a company downtime and productivity loss. We offer 24/7 monitoring through our managed services option. The old break fix model just doesn’t work and costs companies too much money in productivity loss and downtime.

Cost Savings

We are always looking for ways our customers can save money. Whether it be switching to a faster less expensive internet service provider, reducing their telecommunication costs, providing virtual Server and desktops, or reducing the risk of downtime we are here to help.

Disaster Planning

How much would it cost for your business to be down for a week? Take into consideration employee salary, loss of new and existing business, inability to invoice customers. When looking at the costs for business continuity solutions verses business down time its well worth it to be protected. Business Computer Associates LLC can help and provide a contingency plan to keep your business running.